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The True Origin of The Turban

June Ambrose and Turban

Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose and Singer Chrissete Michele

The popularity of the Turban soared in 2010 and it keeps up going higher! You can find the Turban in many cultures, various sizes and called a variety of things. Although it’s widely associated with the Indian and muslim culture, Turbans roots were traced to Africa, Sudan to be exact. Around the world, they’re used to keep cool under the intense heat of the dessert, as protection from the sand or for religious reasons. But here in America… we wear a Turban for on reason… FASHION!

Below are a variety of Fashionable ‘Turbans’, head wraps or Head tie’s worn by black women. Find a style you like, a pattern you love and experiment with your version of the Turban. I’m sure Celebrity Stylist and style Icon June Ambrose would be proud!

Iman with a traditional African Head tie or ‘Turban’

Solange Knowles 


Colures Magazine

June Ambrose

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